Laffite Automobili has unveiled its take on the electric hypercar -.

While the electric vehicle space is growing and growing, one area of this industry that hasn’t seen exactly the same level of improvement is the super and hypercar space. These performance vehicles require such an enormous amount of power to operate that electric batteries are not always the best option, and although we are seeing more and more hybrid super and hypercars, including Lamborghini’s Revuelto, pure EV super and hypercar are far less common.

But manufacturer Laffite Automobili wants to address this problem with a collection of new hypercar models. Known as the LM1, the Atrax and the Barchetta, these cars are described as “100% electric, but also 100% audible” and have a sound system that is combined with its engines to create a sound profile to meet the needs of car enthusiasts.

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We are told that these cars will be fully unveiled this weekend at the F1 Miami Grand Prix, and only between 24 and 26 models for each car will be built, meaning they will be very rare vehicles when they are launched in the future.

If you want to watch the unveiling of the cars, you can go to Laffite’s YouTube channel here.

Laffite Automobili has unveiled its take on the electric hypercar

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