Kingsway directs a B-series for Bitcoin expert River

River Financiala company that offers services focused on the first cryptocurrency of the market, raised 35 million dollars from Kingsway Capital, M13, Peter Thiel and others.

The Bitcoin startup River announced this Tuesday that it has completed a Series B financing round of $35 million. Led by London-based venture capital firm KingswayThe fundraising also attracted other major VCs including M13 and Valor Equity Partners as well as business angel Peter Thiel.

We’re seeing a new wave of interest in Bitcoin, largely driven by corporate and institutional adoption. It’s not fueled by media hype. This year’s bank failures and bailouts have been a wake-up call, revealing the cracks in the traditional financial system and reminding us why Bitcoin is so important,” commented Alex Leishman, River’s boss, in a statement.

Founded in 2019 in San Francisco, River presents itself as a “one-stop shop” for Bitcoin. The startup offers a suite of services focused on BTCincluding brokerage, custody and mining. It also offers a wallet compatible with the Lightning Network.

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