Kanye West, persona non grata on Twitter and Instagram: what “goof” the rapper has done this time

Kanye West’s Twitter comeback seems to have been short-lived. Less than a day after being welcomed back to the platform, he saw his account suspended again.

It happened because the rapper posted an anti-Semitic message. In that post, West defended himself, suggesting that he was not anti-Semitic because “black people are, in fact, Jewish.”

According to international media reports, it took some time before Twitter removed the content, which obviously upset and even horrified the public. However, as of Sunday, the message has been removed from Kanye West’s timeline. “The account in question has been blocked due to a violation of Twitter policies,” a company spokesperson told Engadget.

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Kanye West can’t help himself

The suspension comes after West’s Instagram account was similarly restricted by Meta. In a post that was deleted right away by administrators, West shared a screenshot of a message he allegedly sent to Sean “Diddy” Combs, where he tried to insinuate that the latter mentioned was controlled by a powerful Jewish group, NBC News reported at the time.

The American Jewish Committee condemned the posting and comments West made during an interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson earlier this week. “The behavior exhibited this week by Kanye West is deeply disturbing, dangerous and anti-Semitic, period,” the organization said on Twitter. “There is no excuse for propagating slogans that are white supremacist and classically anti-Semitic about anything Jewish, especially with social media,” it added.

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After his suspension from Instagram, West took to Twitter to attack Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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