Joaquin to play in the Kings, the legend returns to Malaga to play the Kings & Queens Cup Finals at La Rosaleda

With less than a month to go before the Kings & Queens Cup Finals in Malaga Kings & Queens Cup Finals, tickets are now available to enjoy the show at La Rosaleda. On Monday night’s After Kings, it was revealed that ex-Malaguista Joaquín Sánchez will return to wear the shorts and take part in the finals on Saturday, October 14. In just one hour, 24,000 tickets were sold.

Joaquín will return to what was his home for two seasons in a stadium with a capacity for 30,000 spectators. The ex-footballer hung up his boots last June in a match between Betis and Valencia, and on October 14 he will return to a soccer stadium to play in the final of the Kings Cup.

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By means of a ‘Who’s Who’, the presidents played to guess which player will be part of the big show in Málaga. Joaquín entered live via video call to greet the set: “As scouts you have little future. I laughed a lot,” began the LaLiga legend. “Malaga is my second home, I lived two years in a dream. That team made history and you are going to find a family atmosphere, a soccer atmosphere. It’s going to be a special night and we’re going to enjoy ourselves,” he said. Just after, Julio Baptista, also a former Malaguista, joined the conversation and joked with his friend Joaquín.

This will be the format of the Kings & Queens Cup Finals

The Kings Cup and the Queens Cup Oysho are the new competitions organized by Kosmos to be held between September and October, this time in cup format. After the group stage, the top four finishers of each group will remain alive in the competition and will play an exciting playoff.

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The two group leaders will face each other for a direct pass to the final at La Rosaleda. The rest will have to keep fighting at the Cupra Arena. In Málaga, the second finalist will be announced, followed by the grand champion of the Cup. Therefore, La Rosaleda will enjoy four great games: a semifinal and a grand final in each competition.

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