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When Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order came out I was sold as a Star Wars fan. A game set between episodes 3 and 4 with a completely new cast (and some recognizable faces) that went on to explore the era of The Empire led by a Jedi who had escaped Order 66. As such, Fallen Order was a great game that year odn despite some shortcomings such as not having a Fast Travel system. Now in 2023, Respawn is trying to break the success of Fallen Order with Jedi Surivor. The game has been delayed several times, but now the game is finally in our hands. We got to play the game and let you know what we thought below.

The game is set five years after the end of Fallen Order. Something is very clear at the beginning of the game, the Mantis crew has broken up to pursue their own goals. Further, we won’t go into spoilers and how the story unfolds, but the story is a rock-solid Star Wars tale that takes interesting directions while playing the game. The story stands strong in its own right, which keeps you curious about the next point in the game. It is wise to have played the first part, because there is a lot of looking back in the game anyway. However, there is also a short flashback at the beginning of the game, giving you the basic information, a nice way to look back at Fallen Order, but also for players who have not yet played Fallen Order.

The nice thing about Jedi Surivor is that the game doesn’t pretend that you as a player are stupid. After all, you haven’t lost any of your powers from Fallen Order, which some games do. Instead of re-learning your powers, you learn more creative skills (and lightsaber stances) that you can upgrade again. Whereas in Fallen Order you had to wait a long time to change the color of your lightsaber, in Jedi Surivor you can use all the colors right away. In addition, your lightsaber is even more customizable, allowing you to add your own touch to Cal Kestis.

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In addition to customizing Cal, BD-1, your lightsaber and much more, the gameplay is thankfully ironclad and better than the previous installment. I can almost say that Jedi Surivor has perhaps the best platform levels in a 3D setting. Doing wall runs, a dash and using your grappling as well all feel wonderful making you fly through certain parts in levels. It doesn’t feel forced, but like part of a level with the necessary difficulty. Adding to that, the force gameplay is delightful. Pulling enemies toward you, pushing them off a cliff, throwing your lightsaber at them or pulling them toward you and shoving a lightsaber through them. It feels wonderful and you feel like a real Jedi (who loves pushing Stormtroopers off a cliff a little too much). The combat feels slightly better than Fallen Order. In Jedi Surivor, the gameplay feels a little less like Dark Souls, but still with plenty of challenge. Playing Fallen Order was sometimes frustrating with how high the difficulty was, whereas in Jedi Surivor the difficulty is just right on every level. The cool thing about Jedi Surivor, then, is that it is possible to chop arms off of stormtroopers, something that was not possible in Fallen Order. It makes you feel like you’re really fighting with a lightsaber and not a hot sword that occasionally hurts.

In addition, the level design of Jedi Surivor is 100% improved over Fallen Order. There are multiple planets to explore and each planet feels like a small open world where there is always something to discover. In fact, certain planets are so large that when you discover them you really just want to explore. However, our tip is not to do that right away. You will return often enough to the planets you have visited before and later in the game you can more often reach areas you could not reach before. This all has to do with the skills you learn to use throughout the game. Each planet is wonderfully designed with its own enemies and environments. Each planet feels unique and a joy to visit.

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While we are on the subject of how the planets look, it is best to talk about how the game looks right away. At launch, the game was in not so great shape. I play in Performance Mode on the PS5 and at launch the game suffered from frequent frame drops. However, after a week this was fixed by Respawn. Since then Performance Mode runs at a good 60FPS (with a dip here and there) and Quality Mode also runs great. The game looks great in both modes and it depends on what you think is important. If you care about the game running at 60fps then performance is the way to go, if you can settle for 30fps then I recommend enjoying the full 4K that can run on your screen. Additionally, the lighting in this game is great, making caves look terrifying and vast deserts feel amazing. Lighting up a cave with your lightsaber and then seeing its color bounce off the walls is something you can only feel and not describe.

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is a better game on every front than its predecessor. Respawn has listened to all the criticisms and made sure that this game is prettier, plays better, has an even stronger story, is not too difficult and above all breathes Star Wars. The story takes every Star Wars fan by storm, while the gameplay for every Adventure game fan should be something you must have played. Jedi Survivor will be one of the best games of this year and that says something about the quality of the game.

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