Japan: Fujitsu announces open metaverse infrastructure

From Japanese giants want to build a metaverse infrastructure interoperable infrastructure called Ryugukoku and aiming to offer a ” metaverse economic zone “at the Japan.

This Monday, JCB, MizuhoSumitomo Mitsui, Mitsubishi UFJ, Resona, Sompo Japan Insurance, Toppan, FujitsuMitsubishi Corporation and TBT Lab announced that they have signed a agreement aimed at developing a open metaverse infrastructure.

Named Ryugukokuthe infrastructure will leverage the Pegasus World Kit metaverse framework developed by TBT Lab, according to a release.

It will serve as an interoperable foundation for the ” Japan Metaverse Economic Zone “, an ecosystem of various metaverse-oriented services and platforms.

In response to the growing demand for DX using the virtual domain among enterprises and government agencies, the companies that signed this agreement will integrate their respective technologies and services, including gamification, fintech and ICT, to build an open metaverse infrastructure,” Fujitsu wrote.

It is learned that metaverse services include in Ryugukoku will take the form of a “city”, a “castle” or a “vehicle” in motion in the virtual world. “Users will be able to live an experience of the type RPG traveling through different domains and encountering a variety of content and services,” the Japanese firm says.

The initiative will be led by Hajime Tabatathe boss of JP Games and ex-figure of the popular video game studio Square Enix.

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