It’s time for Our Party Game Changers

Women are the protagonists in a new edition of Our Party Game Changers. The women’s competition of VALORANTwhich arrives through Riot Games and the Storm Circuitwill give all female players the opportunity to test their shooter skills in a more inclusive and safe environment, in this case, by the hand of VCT Game Changers EMEA.

With the aim of promoting the female presence in the gamer world, Our Party Game Changers is a tournament designed to demonstrate the great talent of the girls at the national level. and reach the top of the competitive structure in EMEA. In its last edition, which held its face-to-face Grand Final at Amazon GAMERGY last December, League of Legends and a new all-female VALORANT tournament were added.

Our Party Game Changers is a competition supported by Riot Games and important brands in the sector such as Red Bull, Intel, Omen, PcComponents, Samsung SSD and Chocomel.

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Phases and dates

The new edition of Our Party Game Changers will be played in online format between April 29 and May 14. and will begin with two Qualifiers that will lead to a Group Phase and a Final Phasein which it will be decided which team will qualify for the VALORANT Game Changers EMEA Contenders.

  • Qualifiers, Saturday, April 29th and Sunday, April 30th.. The registered teams will face each other in BO1 bracket format in each of the qualifiers until the eight teams qualified for the Group Stage (four per qualifier).
  • Group Phase, Saturday, May 6 and Sunday, May 7.. Eight teams will play BO1 until the two best teams from each group are selected. These will advance to the next phase.
  • Final Phase, Thursday, May 11 and Sunday, May 14.. The four qualified teams will face each other in a BO3 bracket format, to determine the team that will win the place in VALORANT Game Changers Contenders.
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All teams interested in participating in Our Party Game Changers will have to fill out a form to register for the Qualifiers, which can be accessed through this link.


On the other hand, the Qualifying and Group Stages of this competition will be broadcasted by. Fancasts. People who want to contribute their voice and caste the games will have to request their participation by means of this form.

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