Ironwood Studios partners with Kepler Interactive to publish survival adventure Pacific Drive – That’s Gaming

Seattle-based developer Ironwood Studios is pleased to announce their collaboration with Kepler Interactive to publish their highly anticipated debut, Pacific Drive.

In the latest video, Ironwood Studio Head and Pacific Drive Creative Director, Alexander Dracott, discusses how a lifelong passion for road tripping through the Pacific Northwest planted the seed for the game. Join Alex and other members of the Ironwood team as they describe their creative process for creating Pacific Drive’s unique first-person, run-based survival gameplay.

Speaking about their collaboration with Kepler Interactive, Dracott said, “We are incredibly excited to share that we have partnered with Kepler Interactive to release Pacific Drive. Their unique approach to how they work with developers is a great fit for Ironwood Studios and we look forward to sharing more together soon.”

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Pacific Drive is a racing survival adventure where players encounter supernatural dangers during each expedition to the Olympic Exclusion Zone. With your car as your only companion, you navigate through a surreal and anomaly-filled new imagination of the Pacific Northwest, making your base of operations in an abandoned garage to research new parts to upgrade and maintain your station wagon. As you plot routes deeper into the Zone, you collect precious resources and examine what has been left behind to find out exactly what it takes to survive in this unpredictable, hostile environment.

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Pacific Drive is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store) in 2023.

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