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Intagram simplifies how you can reply to private messages


Meta has announced several improvements to the management of Instagram messages.

The Instagram app receives some major enhancements, allowing users to reply to private messages as they are received, without leaving the main content feed.

Another novelty is the distribution of posts. From now on, all you have to do is press the Share button next to any post to see a list of your closest friends, to whom you can share that post without wasting time searching for it in your contact list.

Also in terms of changes designed to increase the frequency of distributions on Instagram, users will be able to directly share their favorite songs on Apple Music, Amazon Music or Spotify, which appear for Instagram followers as audio samples.

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Until now, in order to reply to a DM received on Instagram, you had to stop the activity and go to the Inbox section, reason enough for many users to postpone for as long as possible the inspection of messages received from fans and followers, or to ignore them entirely. From now on, everything becomes much simpler, with requests for DM messages being announced with a simple notification, with the option to reply immediately.

Another Instagram news is “borrowed” directly from Facebook Messenger, taking the form of an option for sending “silent” messages that are not announced by displaying a notification alert. The feature can be especially useful when you want to send a message at a potentially inappropriate time (eg late at night), without disturbing the person at the other end with another notification alert.

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Instagram also introduces a new lo-fi chat theme and the ability to send polls in group messages, borrowing again from Messenger.

The new Instagram features are being launched “in certain countries”, and the global expansion could take several weeks.

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