In new Marauders attack, players descend into the depths of a conquered asteroid – That’s Gaming

Team17 Digital and Small Impact Games today announced the third free major content update for Steam Early Access shooter Marauders. ‘Excavation,’ which launches July 4, introduces a brand new raid set in an industrial mining ship built to capture passing asteroids and mine their valuable resources. Players can exchange blows and bullets around the colossal steel innards and then descend the depths to loot new equipment from a labyrinthine system of caves built into a hollowed-out asteroid.

Marauders’ Excavation update also introduces a brand new boss to the game, “The Warden,” a formidable enemy that can be found in a locked safe room in the game’s Penal Colony attack. Protected by personal guards and armed with lootable equipment including the Jackhammer shotgun, heavy shields and The Warden Riot Helmet – the highest level of armor in the game so far – The Warden is a ruthless opponent that requires players to use all their precision and cunning to get down.

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