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Ontwikkelaar Ascendant Studios heeft een grote update uitgebracht voor zijn op magie gebaseerde first-person shooter Immortals of Aveum. De update, genaamd de Echollector-update, brengt een hele reeks veranderingen en nieuwe functies naar het spel. Ter viering van de update is er een nieuwe trailer die je hieronder kunt bekijken.

De studio heeft ook een nieuwe demo uitgebracht voor Immortals of Aveum op PC, PS5 en Xbox Series X/S, dit keer rekening houdend met alle nieuwe functies van het spel.

De update wordt aangevoerd door de toevoeging van een New Game+ modus, die spelers in staat stelt om een frisse playthrough van zijn campagne te starten terwijl ze hun progressie behouden, inclusief uitrusting, middelen, talenten, Arcanum, gezondheids- en mana-upgrades.

De update brengt ook een nieuwe endgame activiteit met zich mee, die beschikbaar wordt zodra de speler Glaivegate bereikt. De nieuwe activiteit draait om het aangaan van corrupte Shroudfanes, genaamd Shatterfanes, in de jacht op nieuwe uitrusting, evenals een nieuw episch baasgevecht tegen de Echollector, en nieuwe lore. Bekijk de volledige patch notes hieronder.

New Game+:

  • We’ve added New Game+ as an option to begin a new playthrough while preserving key progression features.
  • The player starts New Game+ as a Magnus in the Light’s Army. The new playthrough begins in the Yltheum Chapter, bypassing the introductory Streetwise and The Magnus Chapters.
  • Gear, resources, talents, Arcanum, and health and mana upgrades carry over from the previous playthrough.
  • All unlocked spells and abilities carry over EXCEPT Augment spells (Grapple, Disrupt, Animate, etc.) due to their unlock requirements.
  • Epic and Legendary gear can be upgraded to higher levels in the Forge.
  • Enemy health, damage, and abilities have been rebalanced, and experience and currency earned have been adjusted to scale with New Game+ progression.

How to access:

NG+ is available from a shrine behind Zendara in Glaivegate following the final boss battle battle. You do not need to 100% the game to start NG+

Grand Magnus Difficulty Mode:

  • We’ve added the new “Grand Magnus” game difficulty option that provides players with tougher combat challenges throughout the game.
  • “Grand Magnus” difficulty can be selected anytime, whether it’s your first playthrough or you’re starting New Game+.
  • Enemy health, defense, power, and behavior have been adjusted.
  • Combat is more intense, there are fewer health drops, and swapping between spells and abilities will be essential to survival.

“The Echollector” Gameplay Update: SPOILERS ALERT

  • “The Echollector” gameplay update brings new endgame objectives to Immortals of Aveum™. Spoilers lie below, so skip ahead if you’d prefer to experience it all in the game first.
    • The new content automatically becomes available when the player reaches Glaivegate.
    • Shatterfanes – these are corrupted Shroudfanes that lead to new hidden areas and tough battles.
    • New Gear – Within the Shatterfanes, players will be rewarded with all-new gear items to take on their journey, including a new bracer, two rings, Limpets vial, and a legendary sigil.
    • Discover new lore and face an epic boss battle with the ancient being, The Echollector.

How to access:

The four fanes are in Pale Forest, Shrineforge, Oremen, and Glaivegate. To progress through the Acroamatic Fane (the fourth and final fane in Glaivegate), you need to beat the other 3 fanes.

General Updates:

  • Addressed how the player interacts with an object to prevent accidentally crushing a Mana crystal
  • On PC, we’ve added an option to turn off mouse smoothing which can help improve the feel of high DPI mice
  • Added FPS cap on PC
  • Addressed an issue where a player could occasionally get stuck in a freefall inside a Shroudfane
  • Made it so enemies leave behind their loot even if they fall into the abyss
  • Fixed instances of occasional crashes and progression blockers
  • Addressed rumors of a new Beast among Rasharn’s ranks still lurking within the borders of Kalthus
  • Updated Privacy Policy document

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