If you search this term on Google, you can merge several emojis

(What: Google)

(What: Google)

The emoji kitchen has been available to users of the Google keyboard Gboard on Android smartphones for some time. From now on you can also use this fun function on home computers, the iPad or iPhone, because it is now available via Google search.

Search on Google Emoji Fusion or Emoji Kitchen

Who in the Google search bar Emoji Fusion or Emoji Kitchen If you enter it, the Google search will display a field in which two different emojis can be combined to form a new emoticon. Until now, there were only third-party websites that mimicked Google’s own Emoji Fusion.

Link to Twitter content

Google’s emoji boss and Gboard employee Jennifer Daniel recently announced the new Smiley Fusion feature X/Twitter at. However, not all emoji combinations found in Google’s Gboard keyboard are available, as website 9to5Google notes.

This is how you use the Emoji Kitchen in Google Search

As already mentioned, you type in Google search Emoji Fusion a. At the top of the page you will see a box with some smileys and a button with an inscription Cook to combine.

You can get a finished combination emoji by clicking on Random order create. However, if you press one of the two emoticons to the left and right of the plus symbol, you will be taken to a selection list of smileys and images that can be combined to form a new emoji.

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An example creation from the Emoji Kitchen (Source: Google)

An example creation from the Emoji Kitchen (Source: Google)

When you are happy with your emoji creation, click in the web browser on your PC Split and can send a link to the emoji fusion. A copy function is available here on the iPhone under iOSwith which you can send the new smiley directly after inserting it.

By the way: 45,000 searches every second, 3.5 billion daily: Do you know why Google is more powerful than Microsoft?

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Are you also excited that Emoji Kitchen is now available to everyone, not just Gboard users on Android? Have you already tried the new function in Google search? If so, how do you like the ability to create and send your own emojis? Let us know your opinion in the comments, we look forward to your feedback!

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