iCloud storage is getting expensive: Apple is increasing prices by up to 43 percent

Apple is raising prices for iCloud storage.  The euro zone has so far been spared.  (Image: keBu.Medien, stock.adobe.com)

Apple is raising prices for iCloud storage. The euro zone has so far been spared. (Image: keBu.Medien, stock.adobe.com)

In many countries, it will be more expensive to subscribe to additional iCloud storage (via 9to5Mac).

So much in advance: Germany will be spared a price increase for the time being. In this country, the smallest fee-based memory upgrade is still offered at 0.99 euros.

The situation is different in some other countries such as Great Britain, Poland or Denmark. Users from Brazil have to pay around 43 percent more for the most expensive subscription.

iCloud Storage: Subscription model will not change

Who takes 2 TB of additional iCloud storage in Brazilmust now reckon with a price increase of almost 43 percent.

So far, you paid 34.90 Brazilian Real (BRL). After the price increase, it will be BRL 49.90 per month.

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In Great Britain, subscribers to the 2 TB version have to put up with almost 29 percent.

Here the price was previously 6.99 pounds. After the price increase, the cost is £8.99.

Apart from the sometimes drastic price increases, nothing changes in the subscription model.

The three paid variants will be retained:

  • 50 GB
  • 200 GB
  • 2 TB

Since the start in 2011, the manufacturer has been offering 5 GB for backing up backups, photos and other content free of charge.

However, for some iPhone users, these are not sufficient, so they resort to a paid subscription.

Dissatisfied customers are gathering on Reddit. Unsurprisingly, the sometimes massive price increase is criticized.

Apple’s inflexible offer is also criticized. Between 200 GB and 2 TB there is simply no other offer for additional iCloud storage.

“Apple is forcing users to use the much more expensive subscription,” writes a Reddit user under the thread.

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Others criticize the free offer of 5 GB. That’s simply not enough for an expensive smartphone like the iPhone.

Google offers 15 GB of free storage.

Will there also be a price increase in Germany?

The euro zone has so far been spared a price increase. However, it would not be the first time that the tech giant has increased the prices for its subscription services in Germany.

In the last year, Apple has increased the prices of TV+, Music and Apple One.

In-app purchases also became increasingly expensive in 2022.

At the moment there are no concrete indications as to whether and when new price tags will be attached to iCloud storage in this country.

At least we don’t think that a price increase is completely out of the question.

What’s your opinion on Apple’s paid storage service? Have you booked one of the subscriptions because the 5 GB is not enough for you or have you switched to another solution long ago? What alternatives to iCloud can you recommend? Feel free to write it below in the comments!

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