How you can generate green energy from rainwater at home, simply

In a review posted on Amazon of a small hydro generator, a man described the system he uses to get green energy from rainwater.

The system he made is quite simple. Water that falls on the roof is directed through gutters to a barrel mounted about three feet above the ground.

From the barrel, the “engineer” pulled a hose, on which he mounted the generator. Without a regulator installed, the voltage of the current generated varies according to the water pressure. When the barrel is full of water, the user is able to draw a voltage of 4.9 V.

The system can be used for lighting an outdoor shower cubicle

The Amazon user’s idea can be developed further. A shower hose with a pear can be fitted to the second outlet of the generator. The result is an outdoor shower, ideal for hot summer days. Yes, we know, summer is a long way off, but the project can be started/prepared before the hot season arrives.

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The energy produced by the generator can be used to power a shower light, useful in the evening or at night, preferably a low-energy LED strip.

LED strip powered, in a bathroom, by a mini turbine generator.

If the water pressure is high enough, such a generator can be set up to be used even for charging small electronic batteries.

A small hydro generator can be purchased from online shops in Romania for less than 100 lei. The entire outdoor shower enclosure can be built with a budget of a few hundred lei.

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In the video below you can see one such mini generator in action:

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