How tough is iPhone 14 compared to the previous generation

The fact that the iPhone 14 isn’t a completely new product isn’t necessarily a bad thing, with endurance tests posted on the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel proving exactly that.

In other words, the iPhone 14 is an indestructible phone compared to any other Android flagship. Sure, the iPhone 14 is no more immune to scratches, and the protection against lighter “abuse” is as weak as ever

Overall, the iPhone 14 brings only minor improvements compared to its predecessor iPhone 13, with only the base model ditching the “cement” applied to the glass back in favor of an equally durable solution, but one that allows replacement at any service center.

Overall, the iPhone 14 is no more scratch-resistant than the previous model, with tests still stopping at MOHS hardness level 6-7. Nor is the anodised aluminium side frame any tougher, with the painted finish showing similar endurance to a much cheaper phone.

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Overall, the phone’s case is protected only by the marketing “language” and separately purchased protective case. Even the sapphire-coated lens applied to the camera on the back of the phone doesn’t prove any more durable, with practical tests showing even weaker protection than we find on the front.

All in all, the iPhone 14 is no slouch compared to previous models, even if it doesn’t impress much with the newly acquired features. Thus, the new iPhone will hold up without any problems if kept in a proper protective case and will scratch just as easily if used as such, one of the most expensive smartphone products in the world seemingly intended for “glove” use, avoiding any accidents that might depreciate the very expensive purchase.

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More than in other years, the reviewer points out the ephemeral nature of the product/service purchased, the iPhone 14 comes with the option of satellite connectivity that can save your life, but only for the first two years, after which you should become a subscriber to the service initially offered for free.

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