He taught us to “love stray dogs”, but also people: who Mihai Constantinescu loved

Mihai Constantinescu is one of the most beloved Romanian singers of the last decades.

He composed songs that will remain forever in the collective memory of Romanians, but, perhaps just as importantly, he will always be associated with the professional and personal relationship he had with his colleague Anastasia Lazariuc.

Mihai Constantinescu – archive photo from the artist’s youth

Mihai Constantinescu, a pure and warm soul

Mihai Constantinescu was born on January 4, 1946, in Bucharest, and died on October 29, 2019, at the age of 73, in the same place.

Despite the fact that the artist graduated from the Institute of Physical Education and Sport, fate led him to other lands, those of music.

In 1972 he also graduated from the People’s School of Art, which pointed him in the direction he was always destined to go.

Throughout his career, he was active in the Mondial group, but also in the Modern Group, Petre Magdin’s band.

In 1999, he released the single “Iubiți și câinii vagabonzi”, which was to become his calling card. At the same time, Anastasia Lazariuc was singing the songs he had composed for her.

Moreover, the song “Am visat”, composed by Mihai Constantinescu and performed by Corina Chiriac, was awarded third prize at the Dresden Festival of Songs in 1975.

In general, the songs composed and/or sung by Mihai Constantinescu had something special, being crowned with a special innocence, as only he knew how to translate it into music. From “O mondo minunată” to “Pisicuța”, the artist proved that, despite the passing of the years, childhood never left his heart.

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Mihai Constantinescu, in the last period of his life

The loves of Mihai Constantinescu

Mihai Constantinescu’s last partner, Simona Secrier, fondly remembers the moments she spent with him. “Mihai and I were always on tour. You know well that Mihai loved children and worshipped them, even if he didn’t have children. It was a joy for us to go and enjoy their souls, to play with them.

In the pandemonium I would not have been able to sing, and emotionally I couldn’t, I couldn’t. It would have been too soon after he left and it would have brought tears to my eyes,” Simona Secrier told fanatik.ro.

In the same interview, the woman confessed that she often used to dream about her ex-husband. Every time, the artist bows in his dream, as he used to do at the end of every concert he performed, in front of your audience.

The two were together for more than 20 years and lived one of the most discreet love stories, keeping themselves away from prying eyes.

However, before Simona Secrier, Mihai Constantinescu loved other women. “You can love more than once in your life, you can love two people at the same time… Whoever thinks he can impose rules is crazy.

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But I have loved more than once deeply and I am very happy for that, even if I have also suffered a lot. After each special love I suffered. No matter, there can be no love without suffering, excluded. Love wouldn’t be beautiful if you didn’t suffer,” the late artist once said, according to an interview published by Tango magazine.

He met his first wife, Mihaela Constantinescu, at a wedding, as he was to say in a 2010 interview: “We lived a love like in stories, sincere and passionate, we wanted nothing more than to be together. And we were. I went with him to all the shows, on tour, we were inseparable”, Mihaela Constantinescu recounted.

The relationship between the two began to creak when the artist met Anastasia Lazariuc, so in 2003 they divorced.

Mihai Constantinescu and Anastasia Lazariuc had met in 1988, in Chisinau, and for years they formed a successful Romanian light music couple.

“We broke up of our own free will and without anyone’s help. I no longer agreed with the songs he composed for me, he was no longer receptive to my wishes. Musical disagreements, but also some internal problems made us break up. I simply got tired. We were nagging about everything. I never wanted to marry Mihai Constantinescu. He never asked me to marry him, he had a family”, said Anastasia Lazariuc.

This was also confirmed by the artist: “Maybe Anastasia wanted a marriage, for me it was never a question. It was a very beautiful relationship instead”.

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