Google will better differentiate YouTube Shorts from regular videos published by the platform’s creators

Google pushed hard with the promotion of YouTube Shorts as a TikTok alternative, succeeding in frustrating users left to browse as best they could through the feed where both types of content appeared mixed together.

Eventually, Google’s failure in trying to attract TikTok fans became as obvious as possible, continuing with the aggressive promotion strategy simply made no sense. Thus, YouTube fans who “endured” the period when Shorts clips seemed more important than “feature-length” YouTube content will certainly appreciate the appearance of the Videos, Shorts and Live categories in the Videos tab of the YouTube pages they visit.

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Before the update, when accessing a YouTube channel you were greeted with a single list of content displayed under Videos, which showed you including Shorts, Live Streams and regular-length YouTube clips. Although there is a filter that allows you to change the format displayed in the list, it is reset each time you leave the page, so if you return to that list you’ll find all the content shuffled again.

The change whereby YouTube Shorts clips are displayed separately began rolling out on Thursday and will be rolled out to all YouTube users “in the coming weeks”.

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The only downside would be that truly devoted fans, who want to watch everything the YouTube channel they follow publishes, will now have to search through different lists to discover all the available clips. On the other hand, and from the perspective of YouTube creators, the fact that Shorts videos are no longer automatically visible could be a deterrent to further efforts to publish this type of content.

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