Google tweaks Play Store recommendations with more focus on quality apps

Google is adjusting the recommendations displayed in the Play Store, with more emphasis on app quality. This will take into account criteria such as interface design and responsiveness, as well as comments left by other users, reflecting things like how easy it is to get to the result you want.

Another aspect that will be taken into account when determining the quality level of applications are bugs reported over time. Thus, an app known to have many bugs might also lose visibility in search.

According to Google, “Android users expect a great experience from the apps and games they download, the company thus owns to make higher quality titles more visible while simultaneously reducing the visibility of apps of questionable quality”, In this way Google also hopes to motivate app developers to put more effort with improving the apps in their portfolio, ensuring that neglected apps eventually lose out on users.

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According to Google, To be considered quality, an app should have no more than a 1.09% chance of crashing in normal use, OR more than 8% on a given device model. This means that to ensure that apps continue to be featured in the Play Store catalog, developers should constantly strive to fix bugs and refine those apps.

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