Google prepares another feature that improves call quality on Android

Different from the WiFi calling feature, or the VoLTE feature that can increase audio fidelity, a pure software change promises to make background noise blocking more effective, improving call quality on any Android phone, even on the weakest mobile network connections.

Called Clear Calling, the functionality is just borrowed from wireless headset manufacturers, who have long used it to “clean up” background noise that would be picked up during phone calls with minimal effort, but this time you won’t need a Bluetooth headset to benefit from digital background noise blocking, as the technology will also be supported natively on the Android platform.

Added with a simple firmware update, the new voice call filter will be applied to a wide range of Android devices, as long as the device manufacturer is willing to adapt and further distribute the new version of Android.

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Enthusiasts who aren’t afraid to install unofficial Android versions can enable Clear Calling support using ADB commands. Subsequently, the functionality can be found in the Sound & Vibrations menu.

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