Google moves Pixel phone production to Vietnam, but could ship a foldable model from China

Attracted by cheap labor and a somewhat more predictable political situation, more and more Western tech companies are moving their manufacturing operations from China to partner factories in Vietnam. Following this trend, Google has reportedly decided to move production of Pixel phones to partner Foxconn’s Vietnam factories.

According to revelations in The New York Times, citing sources close to the US company, Google will move production of its newest Pixel models to Foxconn factories, with only the already-released Pixel versions still shipping to China. The exception also concerns Google’s first foldable phone, which although not yet officially announced, is reportedly already in an advanced stage of preparation with partners in China. Thus, up to half of next year’s production of high-end Pixel phones would be shipped from Vietnam.

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According to rumours, the reason why Google’s first foldable-screen phone will be made exclusively in China is because of the selection of highly advanced components, such as its screen and hinge, which justifies keeping the supply chain as short as possible to suppliers in the country. Also from sources we learn a possible name – Pixel Notepad, with the device design expected to be unveiled early next year.

Acting ahead of Google, Apple is already shipping some iPhone production from factories in India and Vietnam.

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