Google Maps gets vibe check, the feature that tells you what the “vibe” is like in the neighborhood you’re visiting

Google announced several new Google Maps features at this week’s Search On event, including vibe check, a feature that tells you what the “vibe” is like in the neighborhoods you plan to visit.

Especially useful when visiting cities you’re not familiar with, vibe check is designed to give you a more holistic view of an area, highlighting sights to see and possible activities to participate in. Users can check the vibe by selecting neighbourhoods on the map. Google Maps will then display photos and information to give you an idea of why people love (or avoid) that neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for a quiet stroll or a late-night party, you can find out what a neighborhood has to offer directly from Google Maps.

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Google Maps

According to Google’s own explanation, the vibe check function can determine the mood of a neighborhood based on local information obtained from Google users, analyzing it using artificial intelligence algorithms. According to the company, Google Maps users add more than 20 million contributions to the map every day, including reviews, photos and videos.

Other new features on Google Maps:

  • Google has added over 250 photorealistic aerial views for famous locations, including Tokyo Tower and the Acropolis. These are available for viewing in immersive mode.
  • Live View gets a search feature that will make it easier for Google Maps users to find ATMs, coffee shops, grocery stores, transportation stations and other points of interest.
  • Google is extending its green routing technology to third-party developers, which will allow them to “enable green routing in their apps and measure fuel consumption and savings for a single trip, multiple trips, or even across their entire fleet, improving performance.”
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Without advancing an exact release date, Google says the vibe check feature will become available on Google Maps in the coming months, both from the iOS app and the Android app.

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