Google expands Nearby Share functionality to include Android clipboard

Soon, you’ll be able to send Android clipboard content to any nearby Android device by calling Nearby Share functionality.

Android 13 has brought important changes to Android clipboard management. For example, if you copy text or other content to the clipboard, it appears in a floating panel in the bottom left corner of the screen, presenting additional options for quick editing or sharing.

Apparently, the expanded functionality is enabled by Google through server-side changes, without the need to update the version of Android 13 installed on the device. Specifically, the familiar share button is moved to the left side of the screen and the edit button disappears altogether. Instead, users now have to interact directly with the clipboard preview to access the edit function. Android engineers seem to have appreciated that users are more likely to share clipboard content rather than act to edit it, and the change addresses the needs of the majority.

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The Nearby Share button is particularly useful for users who frequently switch between phone and PC, providing a convenient way to share the clipboard. It’s also a quick way to send links and other messages to friends within range of the clipboard function. However, the button doesn’t exactly add new functionality, just makes it more convenient to use Nearby Share.

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