Google brings new improvements to the Google Search experience

Google Search gets new shortcuts for quick access to search tools and other visual improvements.

Displayed just below the search bar, the new buttons provide quick access to tools that help point your search in a particular direction: shopping, finding songs, translating text, or searching for a specific image in your photo collection. Interestingly, this functionality is being added to the iOS version of the Google app first, with Android users set to get it in the near future.

Google is also making it easier to get faster results when you type in search words. In the coming months, the app will start displaying content as you type, so you’ll have even faster access to relevant information. And if a result doesn’t appear, Google Search will display alternatives for keywords, helping you reframe your search as you type. Ideally, this will reduce the time it takes to enter a full search phrase.

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From now on, when you start a Google search the results display will be a more visual experience, with Google highlighting relevant information at the top of the results. For example, when searching for a city you’ve never been to, results will also include information such as trip duration, weather information, and even content from creators who have posted about that city. Google says “this can help you discover things you may not have thought of”.

Google is also making improvements to its Lens service, offering more natural text translations. Now, when you translate an image, it will replace the original text without blocking parts of the image.

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The enhanced text translation feature will be available later this year, while Google’s “Multisearch near me”, which debuted at Google I/O 2022 , will launch in the US this fall.

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