Google Bard can now summarize a YouTube video for you -.

Have you ever looked at a YouTube video, seen the title, thumbnail, channel and thought you’d like to watch it, only to find that it just takes too long to get to the point? Well, now Google Bard has the solution. The chatbot has been out for a while, but the latest update has an interesting feature.

Bard can now understand YouTube videos, summarize them for you and start a conversation about them if you wish. With people these days having shorter attention spans than ever, it seems like a pretty handy feature.

With Google also looking to AI on the device in the future, we can see that this is a useful way for people to gather a lot of information in a short amount of time, and it may even have some real-world applications, for example, if you need a tip on something right away and can’t wait for BoringJones57 to get through its 10-minute intro.

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Google Bard can now summarize a YouTube video for you

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