Global Esports Federation launches Europe Esports Development Federation

The international e-sports body Global Esports Federation (GEF) has announced the creation of the Europe Esports Development Federation (EEDF). The newly created entity will focus on. supporting grassroots initiatives, esports players and teams in Europe and facilitating knowledge sharing.

The EEDF from joins a growing number of initiatives similar initiatives created by the GEF, such as the Africa Esports Development Federation, the Pan Am Esports Development Federation and the Oceania Esports Development Federation. In addition, the GEF states that the creation of these federations underscores its commitment to. foster the growth and sustainable development of e-sports communities.

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The announcement comes just a few days after the completion of the inaugural edition of the European Games Esports Championships, which took place in Katowice (Poland).. The President of Poland officially opened the event, which hosted eFootball and Rocket League competitions.

The EEDF will be chaired by Andrzej Kraśnicki., former head of the Polish Olympic Committee, who is also a member of the board of the European Olympic Committee (EOC) and was Chairman of the Executive Committee of the European Games Esports Championships 2023.

Meanwhile, Chester King, GEF Vice President and CEO of British Esports, Aurelia Ruetsch, a member of the GEF Board of Directors, and Alper Afşin Özdemir of the Turkish Esports Federation have been appointed Vice Presidents.

The creation of the Europe Esports Development Federation is an important step forward for European eSports. Through the development of national federations, organizations and stakeholders, we aim to cultivate an environment that nurtures talent, promotes inclusivity and drives the sustainable growth of eSports across Europe.

Andrzej Kraśnicki, new president.

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