‘GINSHA’ offers a unique 2D Pixelart Action Adventure platformer on PC via STEAM and Switch – That’s Gaming

Indiegame developer Adrian Zingg publishes as PolarityFlow and is proud to announce that Aug. 24, 2023 is the official release date for GINSHA, a truly unique atmospheric 2D Sci-Fi Action Adventure Platformer with special Gravity Shield and Dash mechanics coming to PC via STEAM, in addition to the Nintendo Switch. GINSHA combines a versatile Platformer Core with RPG, Souls and Crafting Elements into an anomaly among Metroidvania games.

GINSHA challenges you to explore huge, interconnected planets full of secrets, loot, obstacles, different types of enemies and epic boss fights! You can take your Clone to the next level, equip and customize, create accompanying drones and enjoy ever-changing abilities as you continue to save your species. You can choose from a wide range of weapon types and skills, combine dash and gravity shield skills to master the fast-paced combat system. Defend yourself against overwhelming enemy forces and fight on the ground, in the air, underwater and in space in hundreds of challenging environments. Your split-second decisions will affect your environment and karma for new abilities and endings; make new friends or enemies along the way, find epic equipment and unlock new shortcuts.

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GINSHA offers 6 different planets to explore, and you must discover your own path to save your species. Your clone is equipped with a scanner that allows you to scan everything you encounter during your journey. Collected data is stored in an in-game wiki and can be used to unlock upgrades, create advanced equipment and build and simulate your own worlds once you’ve gained access to the betaverse. You can choose to play good or evil in the unique Alien Couple Story and embark on an epic journey powered by rewarded exploration. Or you can choose to play as two alien life forms “Gin” and “Gon” and uncover the mystery of our dying planet in a distant future.

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