Games Workshop announces … an employee bonus –

Games Workshop recently announced that it is giving its employees a £2,500 bonus to round out the year. In 2023, where it seems like every week a new story comes out about layoffs or cuts, it’s a relief to see that this time the headlines show something different.

As Dicebreaker reports, this is all thanks to Games Workshop’s plan that gives employees a share of the profits the company makes year after year. In a trading update, Games Workshop revealed that total profits were about £82 million, which was in line with expectations.

There have been many Warhammer video games this year, and while not all of them have achieved the expected goal, there have certainly been a few that have stood out as real winners in their respective genre. Boltgun and Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader in particular have won us over in our reviews.

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It is important to remember that while this is a good thing for Games Workshop employees, we should not praise the company too much. If 2023 has proven anything, it is that companies can change their tune very quickly.

Games Workshop announces... an employee bonus

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