Game of the year 2023: best soundtrack –

We’ve already spent a lot of time over the past few days talking about our favorite parts of games and different games in different genres, and today we continue that trend by looking at our favorite soundtracks of 2023. This year has had some remarkable games, and of course this also means we’ve seen some timeless soundtracks debut as well. So, what are our favorites?

5. Atomic heart

Mundfish had very high ambitions with Atomic Heart, and while that didn’t necessarily translate to the entire game experience, it’s safe to say that the soundtrack is one for all ages. This collection of original songs seemed to combine electronic beats with Russian undertones, creating a soundtrack that undoubtedly would have been an all-time favorite of Karl Marx if he had lived long enough to become a fan of raves. For a game that excelled in its chaos, Atomic Heart’s soundtrack fit the theme of the broader experience perfectly and still stands out for its unique style, which is why we celebrate it in our list.

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Game of the year 2023: best soundtrack

4. Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush really surprised us when it hit the shadows earlier this year, and despite also being a very well-rounded and entertaining title, the Tango Gameworks project also has one of the most fun, thumping soundtracks we’ve heard all year. It perfectly reflects the tone of the game and matches the action, while having a strong rhythm that players can associate with in their gameplay. Those who love a little garage rock with a modern flair will undoubtedly fall in love with the Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack.

Game of the year 2023: best soundtrack

3. Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Sound has always been a crucial aspect in Mario games, but Super Mario Bros. Wonder went one step further. The way this 2.5D platform game incorporated sound was unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the series, and that’s not just with regard to sound effects, but also with regard to the soundtrack itself. Wonder brought some of the most fun and striking tracks in Mario’s history, and in typical secretive Mario fashion, he hid many of them in such a way that you had to search high and low to discover them. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a more musical Mario future.

Game of the year 2023: best soundtrack

2. Alan Wakker 2

This is a bit of an unusual one, as Alan Wake 2’s entire soundtrack is not as striking as some of the rest, but Remedy’s latest title does have what is undisputedly the best video game song of the year, hence its position on our list. The heavy metal Herald of Darkness performance by the fictional band Old Gods of Asgard not only provided one of the most surprising and memorable levels in the entire game, but it’s also one of the best original heavy metal songs we’ve ever heard from a game developer. Bravo, Remedy.

Game of the year 2023: best soundtrack

1. Final Fantasy XVI

It probably won’t surprise many to see it here, but Final Fantasy XVI takes our first place for the best soundtrack of 2023. Even without Nobuo Uematsu composing, as Masayoshi Soken has taken on those duties for the series for some time, the music that accompanied Clive Rosfield’s vast and exhilarating journey is downright emotional, moving and exhilarating.

It has become a given to expect an incredible soundtrack with a Final Fantasy game, and although Final Fantasy XVI had its demons in a few places, the soundtrack continued to amaze and helped prove why this series has managed to not only survive the test of time, but thrive as it ages. Square Enix seems to have plenty of plans for more Final Fantasy in the future (including the second part of the Final Fantasy VII remake in a few months), so expect more sensational and breathtaking soundtracks sooner rather than later.

Game of the year 2023: best soundtrack

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