FTX’s mysterious post-bankruptcy hack finally solved?

The Justice from United States accuse 3 individuals to have made several crypto hacksincluding FTX who lost 400 million dollars in the wake of its bankruptcyby using the SIM card.

Just after declaring itself bankrupt, crypto exchange FTX mysteriously lost $600 million. It was later revealed that $200 million had been recovered by regulators, but the story surrounding the missing $400 million has remained a mystery ever since.

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Thursday evening, Bloomberg reported that the U.S. Department of Justice recently charged 3 individuals, Robert Powell, Emily Hernandez and Carter Rohn, for having, over a 2-year period, launched several attacks against crypto individuals and companies.

The defendants, who used a fraudulent technique known as SIM swap to hijack a telephone line in order to intercept messages in the context of multi-factor authentication (2FA), are said to be behind the FTX hack, according to anonymous sources cited by the news agency. The indictment does not, however, directly mention the bankrupt former stock exchange.

Sam Bankman Fried, who faces a lengthy prison sentence after being convicted of fraud last autumn, had distanced himself from the hack, one of the biggest of 2022, and speculated that it might have been an inside job.

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Earlier this week, the new FTX team indicated that it had no plans to relaunch its platform after all. The company believes that all investors should be fully reimbursed.

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