Fisker’s upcoming electric pickup truck has a defined cowboy hat holder and an extra-large beverage holder – all of which are included.

Recently, Fisker showed off its upcoming line of electric vehicles. As part of this effort, the automaker delved further into the details of the Fisker Alaska, which is considered “the world’s most sustainable pickup”.

Still, despite being durable, the car will also have some features that appear extravagantly American, as the truck will be built with a defined cowboy hat holder and also space for a large gulp-sized drink (for those who have never visited America, this is essentially XXXL-sized).

Otherwise, the car will have some really useful systems, such as a storage area for work gloves, an armrest with space for flashlights and pens, and also a passenger tray with a tablet holder.

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In terms of when this truck will debut, it is said to begin deliveries sometime in 2025, and as of now you can register and reserve one of the cars.

Fisker's upcoming electric pickup has a defined cowboy hat holder and an extra-large drink holder

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