First electric concrete mixer truck delivered. Who produced it and for which customer

Volvo Trucks has delivered the world’s first heavy-duty electric concrete mixer truck. The company aims to have half of all vehicles sold as EVs by 2030.

The customer is Mexican building materials manufacturer Cemex, which has also set ambitious environmental targets. By the end of this decade, Cemex wants to cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 47%.

The collaboration between the two companies began in 2021. The vehicle, an all-electric Volvo FMX model, was delivered to Cemex at an event in Berlin, Germany.

Photo: Volvo, Cemex

The truck has two electric motors that together have 443 hp. These are powered by four battery packs.

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According to the manufacturer, the truck can be used for a full day’s work after a full charge of the batteries. The vehicle will be used at the Cemex cement factory in Spandau.

Electric heavy-duty vehicles offer other advantages in addition to being emission-free. Among the most important are the elimination of noise pollution and lower maintenance costs.

Volvo Trucks and Cemex are founding members of the First Movers coalition. The organisation is a collaboration between US Special Presidential Climate Envoy John Kerry and the World Economic Forum. The platform aims to create markets for innovative low-emission technologies.

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