Final Fantasy XVI, a ps5 exclusive expected on June 22, 2023

🎮 GameFinal Fantasy XVI
🗺️ Key dataImproved gameplay; Invocations; Increased endurance & lifespan; Next-Gen graphics
📍 TopicNew and Exciting Gameplay
📱 PlatformPS5 Exclusive

Back in September 2020, the announcement of Final Fantasy XVI at a PlayStation event thrilled fans. It’s now official, this long-awaited new opus will be released on June 22, 2023 , exclusively on PS5 .

After a Media Tour with the Western press and several interviews with Famitsu, the director and the producer of the game revealed some crisp information about this title which could well be crowned GOTY (Game of the Year or game of the year) 2023.

Final Fantasy XVI’s Dynamic gameplay rich in possibilities

Final Fantasy XVI

With its action turn completely embraced by the saga, Final Fantasy XVI offers gameplay that is both simple and dynamic. The classic controls are accompanied by the powers granted by the Primordials, the invocations of this episode. This system brings unprecedented tactical depth to combat , giving players a multitude of possible strategies to overcome their enemies.

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The Eikons, summons from Final Fantasy XVI

Fans who wondered about the actual presence of summons in this new installment of the franchise now have an answer. As in previous installments, summons also hold an important place in Final Fantasy 16.

However, they take here the name of Eikons. Summoning an Eikon will trigger a spectacular battle, especially against other Eikons. Unlike older titles, players won’t be piloting these powerful entities directly , but will need to perform QTE attacks to take advantage of them.

A generous lifespan for satisfying all Final Fantasy players

Square Enix has also lifted the veil on the lifespan planned for Final Fantasy XVI, and as much to say that it promises to be particularly long:

  • 35 hours to complete the main adventure
  • Between 70 and 80 hours to complete all ancillary content
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These numbers should delight JRPG fans, who generally appreciate the long adventures offered by this genre of game.

Final Fantasy XVI: A Potential candidate for GOTY 2023

Thanks to its undeniable qualities, such as its innovative combat system and its colossal lifespan, Final Fantasy XVI is already a serious contender for the title of Game of the Year 2023. The first previews of this PS5 exclusive have unanimously won over the press. specialized, both in the stunning graphics and in the game mechanics offered.

Conclusion: A promising episode for fans of the saga

Between its innovative gameplay , its epic summons in the form of Eikons and its substantial lifespan, Final Fantasy XVI promises to be a real success. There are only a few months left to wait before you can get your hands on this PS5 exclusive , which should mark the spirits and settle permanently in the hearts of fans of the legendary saga.

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