Fernando Alonso auctions his Ferrari Enzo -.

Although he has not been a Ferrari Formula 1 driver for a long time, Fernando Alonso still has a deep connection with the prancing horse, including a personal Ferrari Enzo. But the driver has now announced that he will move on from this vehicle and put it up for auction at the Monaco Car Auctions sale dedicated to Ferrari.

Alonso’s Enzo will stand alongside 40 other Ferraris and is said to sell for more than €5 million when the auction is completed.

As shown on the auction house’s website, Alonso’s Enzo is the 2011 model and has only 4,800 miles of mileage so far, so it should be in pretty good condition.

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There is no word on why Alonso is leaving the Enzo, but since he is now an F1 driver for Aston Martin, you have to wonder if it is to create some garage space for a Valkyrie or a DB12.

Fernando Alonso auctions his Ferrari Enzo

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