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CCP Games and Just About teamed up at the beginning of the platform’s Alpha to launch a new community around EVE Online, testing the ideas that make Just About special on a proud, critical audience: EVE players.

It worked. They responded to dozens of rewards and shared everything from clan recruitment propaganda to memes, from popular recordings and reviews to videos and guides.

As the platform enters beta, visitors can now browse through premiums and curated content and see exactly how they can earn real money rewards for sharing their knowledge and passion, across all community spaces.

Just About has paid out thousands of dollars in rewards, recognizing members’ contributions to their platform in a way that most community spaces lack: in a positive and supportive atmosphere. Their submissions live on as compiled articles and form a growing library of high-quality content, all from the real experts: players.

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The newest chapter of the EVE Universe is EVE Vanguard, the multiplayer sandbox FPS module of EVE Online, where player activity in one game affects another. It’s a once-in-a-decade chance to step into the greatest gaming universe on a new level.

For once, everyone is learning a new game at the same time, and Just About is where you come together: a non-toxic platform that loves you too, with the rewards you deserve for making things you’re passionate about.

“The Just About team has created a unique platform that strengthens communities and helps unite people. It aligns closely with our goal of providing EVE players with more ways to make connections inside and outside of EVE Online, making them a great partner for this endeavor. Moreover, they are a pleasure to work with.” – Bergur Finnbogason, creative director EVE Online, CCP Games

“The feedback from the EVE Partners has been overwhelmingly positive, with some concern that it seemed too good to be true for them – absolutely wonderful! The heart of EVE Online consists of the players, and offering more ways to build lasting relationships is key to EVE’s continued success as the third decade begins its milestone.” – Peter Farrell, EVE Online Community developer, CCP Games

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“As EVE Vanguard is a new chapter for EVE, Just About is a new chapter for online communities. It has a clear goal for 2024: growth, with more features, members and spaces for new topics in gaming and beyond. We share their assessment of what other communities are missing, and their Alpha has proven that their solutions work. We are excited to continue our partnership as they strive to scale it up.” – Grant Tasker, EVE Online Brand Director, CCP Games

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