Eurasia Animal Pack now available – That’s Gaming

Get ready to welcome eight amazing new animals with the launch of Planet Zoo: Eurasia Animal Pack. Meet the Wisent, Wolverine, Mute Swan, Wild Boar, Saiga, Takin, Sloth Bear and the Hermann’s Tortoise exhibit animal – all found in the diverse landscapes of Eurasia, the largest continental area on Earth. With detailed new animations for guests to observe, these animals are fascinating additions to any zoo.

In addition to these wonderful new species, Planet Zoo: Eurasia Animal Pack also brings an exciting Campaign Mode scenario in which aspiring zookeepers must use their skills to help Bernie Goodwin design and build an impressive surprise farewell gift for Nancy Jones in the form of her own zoo.

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Starting today, all players will also receive a free base game update with an array of extras and improvements, including a new customizable Souvenir Shop, color mutations for the Bengal and Siberian tigers, and an update for the adult Malay Tapir.

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