Elon Musk says Apple has threatened Twitter with delisting from the App Store

Elon Musk says he won’t consider developing a new software ecosystem for smartphones unless forced to by Apple and Google. But it looks like that time may come sooner than the billionaire expected, as he already says Apple has threatened Twitter with delisting from the App Store. Musk has published a series of posts on his account on his new social network, accusing Apple of hating “free speech”.

Musk has found a new “adversary”: the Apple company

Apple isn’t speaking publicly about the situation at the moment, but Elon Musk revealed on Twitter that the smartphone maker has allegedly threatened Twitter’s access to the App Store, but without saying what for. Generally, Apple doesn’t give many reasons for denying certain apps from the App Store, but it always cites the store’s strict rules.

Most likely, it’s about Twitter’s content moderation, which while still working, it’s not as “powerful” as it was before Elon Musk took over. That’s because much of the team in charge of removing inappropriate content was fired shortly after Musk took over as CEO.

Musk also accuses Apple of removing its ads from Twitter and that by doing so, the company hates free speech. But Apple is just one of the companies refusing to pay for Twitter ads anymore. Estimates say nearly half of Twitter customers have opted out in the past month, with most waiting to see the new direction the social network is going in before making a decision on whether to abandon the platform or continue the partnership. Given Musk’s statements and the type of users he attracts to the platform, it seems many companies prefer to be cautious about being associated with controversial topics.

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