Elon Musk mentions X.com, suggesting he might launch his own Twitter alternative

Given the $44 billion asking price for buying the Twitter platform, perhaps it would be cheaper for Elon Musk to launch his own social media network alternative to Twitter.

After first announcing his withdrawal of his bid to buy the Twitter platform at the $44 billion price, accusing the current owner of hiding the actual number of fake accounts on the platform, Elon Musk mentioned X.com in one of his Twitter channel posts, suggesting he might launch his own social media platform.

Reminiscent of the almost amusing Truth Social, the social media platform launched by former US President Donald Trump as a “free” destination for himself and his fans after the permanent banning of the official owned Twitter page, X.com appears to be yet another megalomaniacal manifestation of one of the world’s richest. It remains to be seen whether X.com will be seen as a “joke” by the American entrepreneur, an attempt to thrill Twitter shareholders or the start of a new social network. What is certain is that the landscape is already crowded with numerous platforms already known and with a history, and it seems unlikely that the Tesla boss will be able to make his mark with a solution of his own.

However, let’s not forget the defpt that Musk is practically synonymous with Tesla. At the very least, the service hidden behind the X.com domain could be promoted as a messaging service aimed at Tesla car owners, positioned in a clearly visible way on their console.

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For now, Elon Musk is neither confirming nor denying plans to create his own social media network, should negotiations to take over the Twitter platform come to a definitive halt.

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