Elon Musk: I wouldn’t advise anyone to bet everything on Dogecoin

At the CEO Council Summit, Elon Musk warned against investment in the crypto. The boss of Tesla nevertheless reiterated his attachment for Dogecoin.

During the CEO Council Summit on Wall Street Journal in London, Tesla’s boss said he did not advise investing in crypto-currency.

I don’t advise anyone to buy crypto or bet everything on Dogecoin,” he said.

Elon Musk did, however, specify that DOGE remained his favorite digital piece because it had “the best humor and dogs”.

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Thanks to his many subscribers, the American billionaire regularly causes turbulence on the crypto market, particularly on the Dogecoin price.

Following the acquisition of TwitterMusk changed the platform’s logo to that of Dogecoin. The price of the token launched in 2013 jumped again following the change, before retreating after the original logo returned.

His apparent support for memecoin prompted investors to launch a legal action against him, accusing him of orchestrating a scheme to inflate his price. At the beginning of April, the billionaire’s lawyers demanded thediscontinuation of proceedingscalling the attack a work of fantasy fiction”.

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Recently, Musk was also pushing up the price of Milady Maker NFTs by tweeting a meme containing an illustration of a token from this collection.

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