Electronic Arts founder joins the Web3 gaming train

Trip Hawkins

Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts in 2019 – Wikimedia Commons

Trip Hawkinsthe founder of the video game development company Electronic Artsjoined the startup Web3 Games for a Living in the position of director of strategy.

Director of strategy at Apple until 1982, Trip Hawkins then launched his own business with the creation ofElectronic Arts followed by 3DO, Digital Chocolate and finally If you can.

The veteran of the video game industry now pivots in the Web3 while remaining of course in the gaming. He has just joined the Spanish company Games for a living as co-founder and director of strategy.

I’m excited to begin my journey with Games for a Living, leveraging new and emerging technologies to enhance performance and create exciting and immersive experiences for gamers,” Hawkins said.

For the 69-year-old American entrepreneur, the blockchains will be used more by content creators in the future, and the startup wants to “do it in a way that helps Improve game performance and value for the players while keeping things fun”.

Founded in Barcelona in 2021, Games for a living publishes several Web3 games based on NFT, including Elemental raidersand has already closed a first round of financing.

About a year ago, the startup raised 1.2 million euros (pre seed) from Inveready and Bonsai Partners. It plans to issue its native token, GFALnext month.

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