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Today Electronics Arts Inc. announced EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE, launching worldwide on Sept. 26, will feature intuitive gameplay controls that will introduce a new level of immersion to The World’s Game on mobile devices. For existing players, EA SPORTS FC MOBILE will be released as a free update with no need to re-download to devices.

As revealed earlier this week via Instagram, Real Madrid winger Vini Jr. will make his debut as the first-ever cover star for EA SPORTS FC MOBILE. Fans of Vini Jr. will experience his authentic running style, brought to life in the game by True Player Personality, highlighted by revised Impact Controls that allow players to control the pitch to showcase their own playing skills.

“I am excited to be highlighted as the cover star for EA SPORTS FC MOBILE and look forward to sharing this excitement with fans around the world,” said Vini Jr. “Soccer is more than just a sport, and being part of inviting more people into this celebration is a dream.”

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EA SPORTS FC MOBILE will immerse players in next-level gameplay, with key features such as:

True Player Personality: The world’s most recognizable players come to life with True Player Personality. Authentic running styles, penalty kick styles and celebrations for certain players take EA SPORTS FC MOBILE to a new level of authenticity.

Dynamic Game Speed: Speed of mobile devices and tactile games, allowing for more player personality and attribute impact on the field.

Elite Shooting System: The revised shooting system allows impact players to show up on the scoreboard and make their mark. Feel rewarded when you make smart shooting decisions, both inside and outside the penalty area, on a cross or volley. Take control of your favorite attackers and lead your team to victory.

Impact Controls:

Power Shot: Launch a powerful shot that leaves goalies gasping for air. Charge your shot when you have space to utilize the full potential of the Power Shot. Balance the risk and reward of the Power Shot to destroy your opponent and take the lead.

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Knock On Dribble: Get your fast dribblers up to top speed faster by tapping the ball forward into space. Take advantage of your opponent’s high defensive back line by getting your fast attackers fluidly forward. Dribbling with true speeders takes on a whole new feel.

Hard Tackle: Make your presence felt and assert dominance in defense and midfield by launching a smashing stand tackle. Split your opponent’s attackers off the ball or create a final defensive block with new Hard Tackles.

“We are incredibly excited to invite players on mobile, online and console to join us as we embark on this new journey for The World’s Game with EA SPORTS FC,” said Nick Wlodyka, SVP & GM, EA SPORTS FC. “Our focus is on meeting our expanded player community where they are and how they play within our EA SPORTS FC ecosystem, and we are putting this perspective into action with more experiences to be announced soon.”

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