Disney +: what to watch in May 2023 –

Spring is almost over, but that doesn’t stop streaming services from committing and expanding their range of available content. For the case of Disney, this May has a selection of new Star Wars content and a host of other original shows and movies, and to see exactly what’s in store, we’ve gathered the most exciting additions here.

But before we begin, a quick reminder: we based our selections on Disney +’s UK release schedule , so be sure to check your local region for accurate listings.

TV programs:

Star Wars Visions – Part 2 – May 4

The collection of animated short films based on A Galaxy Far, Far Away returns this Star Wars Day, with acclaimed studios such as Aardman, Studio Mir, Punkrobot, Studio La Cachette, and more putting their own spin on the sci-fi world.

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Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures – May 4

This children’s show introduces a cast of Jedi youngsters who perform a series of crazy antics, all while being narrated by Master Yoda.

The Muppets Mayhem – May 10

The Muppets are back and looking to record their first studio album, as part of the puppet band, the Electric Mayhem.

American-born Chinese – May 24

In this action series, teenager Jin Wang becomes embroiled in a battle with Chinese mythological gods after meeting a new foreign student on the first day of school.

Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life (season 2) – May 24

The cute and mischievous chipmunks are back for a second outing in this new season of animated shorts.

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Disney +: what to watch in May 2023


Rye Lane – May 3

Two young people struggling to overcome bad breaks finally meet during a busy day in South London.

Crater – May 12

A young boy who grew up on a lunar mining colony takes a journey to explore a legendary crater with his four best friends before they are relocated to another planet.

Ad Astra – May 12

Brad Pitt goes to the stars in this sci-fi epic about a man who accepts a dangerous journey across the solar system to discover answers about his missing father.

Disney +: what to watch in May 2023

White Men Can’t Jump – May 19

In this remake of the 1992 film, Jack Harlow and Sinqua Walls team up to play a pair of basketball hustlers looking to make some extra money.

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