Disney +: what to watch in June 2023 –

Disney has been scaling back its original productions for Disney + for a while now, so while this June is not as tight as previous months, the streaming service does have a few exciting new additions to consider.

With our picks based on UK additions, here are the TV series and movies to keep an eye on in June on Disney +.

Television series:

Saint X – June 7

This psychological drama told from multiple timelines and perspectives revolves around the death of a young woman at an idyllic Caribbean resort and how her sister became entangled in the search for the truth.

The Full Monty – June 14

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Set 25 years after the original British hit, The Full Monty explores how the gang adjusts to a post-industrial Sheffield, and also sees how the crew is wrapped up in silly and foolish moments after donning their gear.

Secret Invasion – June 21

The first Marvel Cinematic Universe series in a long time. Secret Invasion will see Nick Fury and Talos team up and try to stop the Skrulls who have invaded the most important and powerful organizations in the Marvel Universe.


Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) – June 7

The massive blockbuster that soared all the way to third place on the worldwide box office charts of all time makes its streaming debut, giving Disney+ subscribers a chance to see the next chapter in Jake and Neytiri’s story.

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Flamin’ Hot – June 9

This dramatized biography looks at the story of Richard Montañez, a Frito Lay janitor who used his Mexican heritage to change the food industry and create Cheetos’ iconic Flamin’ Hot flavor.

Disney +: what to watch in June 2023

Stan Lee – June 16

This documentary follows the life of Stan Lee and sees how the famous comic legend grew into an entertainment giant, all with the help of personal archival footage.

World’s Best – June 23

This musical comedy revolves around 12-year-old math genius Prem Patel as he seeks to explore a career as a rapper after discovering that his late father was a legend on the hip-hop scene.

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