‘Diplomacy Is Not An Option’ brings siege warfare to the Sandbox – That’s Gaming

The end is in sight for Diplomacy Is Not An Option, but the hit siege survival RTS has one big update to share before leaving Early Access in November. Today, players can relax a bit and for once fight battles on their own terms, thanks to the new Sandbox update, now live on Steam, GOG and Humble.

This update adds a new game mode, Sandbox, which allows players to choose their map type, enemies, starting sources and gameplay modifiers for a more casual and free strategy experience. Want to build the biggest fortress you’ve ever seen and defend it against a countless horde? Go wild or mild, if that’s your feeling – farm, manage and build the most aesthetically pleasing hamlet you’ve ever seen, free of marauding monsters and rebellious peasants.

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The Sandbox update also introduces a series of new traps and technologies to further strengthen your defenses. Guard towers are cheap and vulnerable, but offer archers an edge on the battlefield. Barrel-bomb and Slowing traps offer explosive or repelling options when you need to fall back, and several new upgrades for horsemen make your horsepower much more valuable.

You need every advantage you can get, as the enemy AI has also seen some improvements, exploiting holes in your defenses to attack your farmers and town hall. It’s a big update, so check out the full patch notes here.

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The Sandbox update is the last major wave of content coming to Diplomacy Is Not An Option before Early Access is abandoned in November. By 407 returns to the forges to work on the game’s ambitious story campaign. Refine your strategies in Sandbox mode while you still can; You’ll need every trick in the book to get through the siege later this year.

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