Diablo 4 Servers Are Getting Ready For Launch Day, First Day May Be “Little Bumpy “according to – Fergusson – That’s Gaming

As we await Diablo 4’s launch, both early access and worldwide, it’s easy to forget that the first day of the open beta had major server problems. Players were unable to log in or faced extraordinarily long wait times, among other problems. The Server Slam went better, but what will it be like at launch?

According to Diablo series GM Rod Fergusson, all the testing helped tremendously. He told GamesRadar, “We learned a lot from each of them. We feel better, we feel good about it, about all the stuff we’ve learned.” Keep in mind, however, that a developer can “never” replicate the number of players.

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An analogy is to imagine a million people coming to an amusement park, and no matter how big the park is, you can’t fit them all in right away. You will eventually get to that point, Fergusson says. “We did the work we could do to make the launch as smooth as possible. And we feel good about where we are.”

That said, as the saying goes, “Never say never.” “We’ve done the work. We’ve done a lot of testing, so we’re prepared. But you never know. It might be a little bumpy on the first day, but we hope, as we did during those weekends, we learn and adapt.”

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Diablo 4 will launch on June 6 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC. Deluxe and Ultimate Edition owners will gain access on June 2. Pre-loads are available now on all platforms. Associate game director Joseph Piepiora also confirmed that there will be some balance changes and bug fixes in the full version.

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