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Destiny 2 has gone through quite a few changes in the years it has been out, with each major expansion the game seems to make strides or evolve a bit. The game is actually very different from what originally came out, that’s only because it has definitely gotten better.

Now I must say that after playing an update and then quite a few hours I wander off again and then come back to the game with a new update. It takes some time to get back into the game, but then I can play again. You do have to get used to the armor system and more. However, with each update the adaptation of the new seems to go smoother and smoother.

For example, there is the new Strand subclass now, the most notable addition and so the campaign now revolves around learning how to deal with this addition. Strand feels fairly unique and really new when you compare it to the rest of the classes, in addition to that you now suddenly have the option for grapple and a slingshot option, it suddenly gives you so much more freedom of movement. In addition you unlock some more options through the campaign, these really make the game a lot more fun all of a sudden.

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Earlier I mentioned the armor system, called builtcraft. This is perhaps the most noticeable change Destiny 2 has undergone. The combination of mods, armor stats and all sorts of customization options for your specific subclasses makes it abundantly clear how players can put hundreds if not thousands of hours into the game. I can when a game fascinates me really immerse myself in finding the right combination, which is why I can really relate to how this game has really managed to maintain such a fan base.

The same can be said for the new Root of Nightmares raid; I’ve always enjoyed Destiny’s raid experiences and the addition of Lightfall is no different. Bungie’s design in terms of environments can always be called unique anyway; raids are also always the locations where the boys become the men. The whole light and dark mechanic used throughout the raid is welcoming for several reasons, not the least of which is that it slowly teaches players the mechanics they must eventually master together for the final battle against Nezarec. It seems to be an easier raid than most active players are used to, but it’s no less engaging as far as I’m concerned; and from my perspective, it was the perfect refresher course after such a long absence from the game.

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In addition, the current season event is also very engaging, but it is always difficult to say anything about this. Defiant Battlegrounds offers players a steady stream of new Vanguard Ops to compete with, and the rewards for getting involved in the seasonal storyline are worthwhile. While Lightfall’s campaign seems to have been disappointing by most accounts, the flow of stories with Season of Defiance seems to be much rosier, at least so far.

Of course, there are plenty of other new activities to be found-many of them connected to the Neomuna patrol zone, while some have been added to areas such as the European Dead Zone. The Vexcalibur exotic mission uses mechanics you know from previous seasons, and it may remind you of some other missions. With that, it does give players a reason to explore Neomuna properly and suck it all the way down.

All in all, even if Lightfall isn’t perfect in any way, it feels like a good time to get in on this eight-player ride. Lightfall offers a solid update to the Destiny universe.

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