Despite launching first with a competitive foldable phone, Samsung could miss out on the race for rollable phones

According to information obtained from sources close to the South Korean company, Samsung does not believe in rollable phones, as the company has no concrete plan to invest in this direction yet.

Although Samsung has registered various patents and trademarks for slider and flip phones over the past few years, in practice, the South Koreans are said to be completely committed to their current business model, developed around the Galaxy Fold and Flip phone offerings. Nor would the fact that Samsung has already shown a few prototypes at various mobile events count for much in the overall plan, with none of those examples making it past the concept stage.

The revelation by industry analysts is based on the idea that there is not yet a market for slider or flip phones. According to them, although the new type of devices represent an evolution from the current foldable phone offering, Samsung doesn’t see enough reason to invest in them while sales of foldable phones are still going well.

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“The market for foldable phones is overlapping with that for slider phones. It will be difficult for mobile phones to create their own market,” said Yi Choong-hoon, CEO and chief analyst at Seoul-based research firm UBI Research. “Samsung doesn’t seem to be interested in mobile phones and will focus its resources on foldable phones for some time.” According to The Korea Herald, the analyst spoke at a conference earlier this week.

The analyst backed up his claims by pointing out some limitations of these types of flexible displays. Sliding panels need an additional protective film made of a material called polymide that adversely affects the surface quality provided to the touch. Moreover, the extra protective layer does not allow the S Pen accessory, a highly appreciated accessory among advanced users, to work properly.

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At least for the foreseeable future, Samsung seems more interested in perfecting the current foldable phone offering, leaving smaller players in the industry to struggle with the limitations of rollable phones, which seem to abound on both the hardware and software side.

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