Dead by Daylight welcomes Nicolas Cage to the Public Test Build – That’s Gaming

Actor Nicolas Cage makes his debut in the world of video games today as part of the Survivors roster in Dead by Daylight. Currently available in the game’s Public Test Build on Steam, Nicolas Cage is the first time a public figure has joined the ranks of Dead by Daylight.

With Cage’s arrival in the game comes three new character skills: Dramaturgy, Scene Partner and Plot Twist. Dramaturgy allows players to take over their instincts during moments of great intensity, with unpredictable results. Scene Partner gives players deeper insight into the Killer’s process while watching them directly. Plot Twist allows players to use Cage’s acting skills to make a bold and risky decision.

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The in-game version of Nicolas Cage is a highly fictionalized version of the actor. His story revolves around the sheer quality of his acting, which evoked The Entity, a scenario in which Cage finds himself in the supernatural Mist, where he must team up with other Survivors to escape the many Killers in the game.

The Dead by Daylight: Nicolas Cage Chapter Pack will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch on July 25.

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