Crypto shuffler ChipMixer dismantled by authorities

With the help ofEuropol, l’Germany and the United States attacked ChipMixer and have captured nearly 2000 bitcoins.

This Wednesday, Europol announced that German and American law enforcement agencies had dismantled the infrastructure of ChipMixera token mixer “unlicensed” and “well known in the cybercriminal underworld,” according to the release.

On March 15, national authorities decommissioned the platform’s infrastructure for its alleged involvement in money laundering activities and seized four servers, approximately 1909.4 bitcoins in 55 transactions and 7 TB of data,” Europol writes.

Launched in 2017, ChipMixer was a digital part mixer allowing, as its name indicates, to mix crypto transactions to disguise the origin of funds. “This makes it attractive to cybercriminals seeking to launder the proceeds of illegal activities,” says Europol, which states that the service offered “total anonymity to its users.”

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The investigation, also supported by Belgian, Polish and Swiss authorities, suggests that ChipMixer facilitated the laundering of 152,000 BTC3.5 billion at the current price, mostly on behalf of dark web markets and cybercriminals.

ChipMixer was used by the attacker behind the FTX hack. Following its bankruptcy, the SBF platform lost the equivalent of more than 400 million dollars in tokens.

Last summer, the U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned the popular blender Tornado Cash.

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