Crypto shipping solution TipLink raises $6M from Multicoin

TipLink has just completed a round of financing of 6 million dollars co-directed by Multicoin Capital and Sequoia. Circle Ventures and Solana Ventures have also put their hand in the pot.

TipLink allows tosend digital assetsincluding NFTs, with a simple link. The New York startup has built a distribution system aimed at facilitating the use of cryptocurrencies and accelerating their adoption.

“TipLink is a lightweight wallet designed to make transferring digital assets as easy as sending a link. Someone with cryptos can create a TipLink and give that link to anyone. What’s amazing is that the link is the wallet !” she explains on her website.

And the solution, which allows you to send cryptos to a person who does not have a wallethas seduced several large investors.

This week, TipLink announced that it has collected 6 million dollars in a funding round led by crypto VC Multicoin Capital and US venture capital firm Sequoia. The investment arms of Circle and Solana also participated in the deal, according to a statement.

There is still a tremendous amount of friction in crypto that is holding back mainstream adoption. It’s unreasonable to ask the public to create a wallet with a 12- or 24-word starting phrase, let alone use a hardware wallet, just to send a dollar or receive a commemorative NFT. TipLink solves one of the biggest problems in crypto: how to send digital assets without friction,” commented Ian Krotinsky, the startup’s boss.

The funds raised by TipLink will allow the project to improve its products, including its newly launched API for developers.

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