Criminals steal a million dollars and are caught by a €35 device

One can only applaud.  (Source: Apple)

One can only applaud. (Source: Apple)

Imagine planning the perfect crime. Your plan is as follows: together with your brother, you steal an armored car full of money, a million dollars to be exact.

The courier of the van doesn’t make any fuss, you load the money into your buddy’s jeep, even escape from the police and to be on the safe side, you hide the loot in different places in Chicago. If you get caught, the coal shouldn’t be gone right away.

Everything is going according to plan, you have the money!

But less than 24 hours later the cops show up and the handcuffs click.

What happened?

AirTag saves the day

Here’s what happened: The transport company informs the owner of the money that the armored car has been stolen and his belongings have been lost. No problem for the owner.

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As a precaution, he put an AirTag in one of the cash boxes.

Find my started on the iPhone and the cell phone shows live the location where the criminals had hidden part of the money. The rest is police work.

A precedent?

AirTags and their alternatives are incredibly useful, and not just for locating lost keys or backpacks. While Apple could now boast of solving an entire theft, New York City goes even further.

As 9to5Mac reports, police are asking car owners to hide AirTags in their cars to make them easier to find if stolen – and are also giving out 500 AirTags to civilians.

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Google is also taking up the issue and is working with Apple to use trackers to combat stalkers.

The brothers who stole the money have now been convicted. Thanks to an AirTag, solving a crime led to a happy ending and we hope it won’t be the last.

Curious: robbers steal a million dollars and a gadget that you can buy for 35 euros convicts them. Do you think this is a lucky coincidence? Or did the owner of the money knowingly act? What would you protect with yours and what other options are there? Tell us your idea in the comments.

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